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Japanese eDiscovery

Review Staffing

Ji2 offers NY and DC based Japanese, Chinese, and Korean language review capabilities to augment our existing Tokyo offering.

Security products

Security Products

Ji2 provides data security and risk management products and solutions to protect companies from employee misconduct, fraud, or external intrusions.

Ji2 Review Center

Document Review

The review center in Tokyo, Japan is flexible in design and can host various sizes of review projects for our clients. We provide bilingual paralegal, qualified JD or Japanese-licensed attorneys.

eDiscovery Blog

eDiscovery Blog

"Ji2 eDiscovery Blog" is in Japanese to provide updated information on new legal cases and practices regarding eDiscovery.


April 1, 2016
Ji2 has changed its legal name to Soliton Cyber & Analytics, Inc.
Feb 2-4, 2016
Ji2 will be exhibiting at Legaltech New York 2016
Nov 18, 2015
Shanghai,China Operation office Open for Mainland China:Investigation and eDiscovery services
Oct 27, 2014
Ji2 recommends use of Viewpoint
Sep 8, 2014
E-discovery Seminar with JBSD and JAPIA


Dec 12, 2014
IP Seminar in Silicon Valley Part 3
Nov 12, 2014
Information Risk Management Seminar in Silicon Valley
Oct 27, 2014
JCCNC&JETRO IP Seminar in Silicon Valley
July 30, 2014
E-discovery Seminar in Detroit
July 11, 2014
Information Risk Management Seminar
June 12, 2014
Joint IP Seminar in Japan


Feb 2-4, 2016
LegalTech New York 2016
Feb 3-5, 2015
LegalTech New York 2015

Safe Harbor Certified

Ji2 US is EU safe-harbor certified.
While certification is only official for the US Office (It is a US-specific certification), all Ji2 offices conform to the privacy policy at the core of our certification.